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  • naha is a UAE-focused platform aiming to turn climate intention into climate action. It empowers its members with knowledge and resources, while also fostering a community that champions environmental sustainability, particularly in Abu Dhabi and the broader UAE context.

  • naha is designed for individuals across various sectors, including education, government, business, and more. Whether you're based in Abu Dhabi, another emirate, or elsewhere in the world, naha aims to engage all who are passionate about the enviroment and want to take action to conserve it.

  • naha is unique in its deep-rooted focus on the UAE's specific environmental needs and challenges. While the platform takes a global perspective, it prioritises local knowledge, heritage, and community engagement. Beyond being an informational resource, naha serves as a dynamic hub for action and collaboration.

  • naha is an initiative by the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) and as such, has direct access to a wealth of verified and credible information. We collaborate with esteemed environmental agencies, experts, and institutions, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the content on our platform.

  • Getting involved with naha is easy. Once you've pre-registered, you can customise your experience through 'my naha', tailoring the platform to align with your specific interests in conservation and climate action. This personalised approach ensures you'll have access to resources, discussions, and initiatives that resonate with you. You'll also receive updates on opportunities to participate in projects and contribute to meaningful change.

  • My naha' is designed to tailor your experience based on your interests, activities, and contributions. It acts as your personal environmental dashboard, curating content that resonates with your passion and preferences. Whether it's the latest research on a topic you care about, updates on initiatives you're part of, or connecting with members who share your interests, 'My naha' ensures that your engagement with the platform is unique, meaningful, and rewarding.

  • My naha' is your personalised portal within the naha platform. By creating a 'My naha' profile, you gain access to tailored content, resources, and initiatives that align with your specific interests in sustainability and environmental action. This personal touch makes your experience more engaging, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful to your journey towards a greener lifestyle.

  • Once you've created a 'My naha' profile, you can set your preferences, choose areas of interest in environmental action, and participate in community initiatives. Over time, the platform learns and suggests relevant content, events, and resources to further enrich your understanding and involvement.

  • Absolutely. At naha, we prioritise the security and privacy of our users. Your data is protected using state-of-the-art encryption methods, and we adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines. We do not share your personal data without explicit consent.

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  • The Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD) stands as the beacon of environmental conservation in the emirate, vigorously protecting its air, water, and rich biodiversity. EAD’s mandate was initially established in 1996, when the Environmental Research and Wildlife Development Agency (ERWDA) was created by emiri decree. ERWDA built upon the pioneering work of conservationists from the National Avian Research Center, which in turn, was established in 1989 in response to the desire of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan to preserve the emirate’s cultural heritage and in particular the traditions of sustainable hunting. EAD has come a long way over the last 25 years and has matured into the Middle East's premier environmental regulator. Renowned for monumental feats such as establishing the Sheikh Zayed Protected Areas Network and championing innovative conservation strategies, EAD seamlessly blends past achievements with future aspirations. EAD’s unwavering commitment ensures that Abu Dhabi continues to flourish from a harmonious balance with its natural environment. Find out more here.

  • EAD is the driving force behind naha, overseeing its strategy, initiatives, and content. By leveraging its expertise and extensive network, EAD ensures that naha serves as a credible and effective platform for community engagement in environmental action.

  • In addition to naha, EAD supports a wide array of projects and initiatives aimed at environmental conservation, sustainable development, and community outreach. These range from biodiversity conservation efforts to educational programmes and policy advocacy. Find out more here.

  • As the governing body behind naha, EAD upholds rigorous standards for accuracy and reliability. Every piece of content on naha is meticulously reviewed and endorsed by EAD's panel of experts, guaranteeing that members can trust the information and opportunities presented.

  • EAD regularly releases publications, reports, and updates on its initiatives and activities. By following EAD's official website here and social media channels, you can stay abreast of the latest news and opportunities for involvement.

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  • The UAE faces a multifaceted array of climate challenges. Enhanced extreme weather conditions, diminishing water availability, and threats to biodiversity are among the pressing issues. Particularly vulnerable are the mangroves, seagrass beds, and coral reefs, which are at risk due to rising sea levels. Additionally, fragile desert ecosystems could be severely impacted by even modest temperature increases. Of particular concern is the risk posed by rising sea levels, given that 85% of the UAE's population and 90% of its infrastructure are situated along the coast.

  • Individual action is pivotal in shaping a greener UAE. This includes adopting energy-efficient practices at home, minimising water usage, supporting local sustainable businesses, and actively participating in community initiatives like clean-up drives and conservation projects. Each individual effort counts in the broader objective of sustainability.

  • The UAE has been taking proactive steps to mitigate its carbon footprint, such as the integration of renewable energy sources, the enhancement of public transport systems, and the adoption of green building standards. In addition, environmental projects like mangrove planting and the promotion of sustainable agricultural practices are contributing to carbon sequestration.

  • The UAE confronts a variety of environmental challenges, ranging from water scarcity and desertification to biodiversity preservation. The rapid pace of urbanisation, coupled with an increasing need for sustainable energy solutions, also figures prominently in the country's environmental considerations.


  • My naha' is a customised portal within the naha platform, designed to align with your individual interests and goals in environmental conservation and climate action. It serves as your personalised dashboard for engaging in focused, meaningful efforts.

  • By utilising 'my naha,' you can effectively contribute to climate action and conservation initiatives that resonate with you. Whether your focus is on waste management, wildlife preservation, or sustainable living, 'my naha' ensures each action you undertake aligns with broader, impactful objectives and helps you adapt your lifestyle to match.

  • Once you register, 'my naha' curates specific information, discussions, and initiatives based on your chosen areas of interest. This tailoring enables you to delve into issues and projects that you're passionate about, optimising your contributions to your personal and the UAE's community sustainability goals.

  • Adjusting your 'my naha' settings is simple. After logging into your account, you'll be able to specify your areas of interest, connect with community members who share your goals, and stay informed about opportunities to engage in meaningful action.

  • Just click here and follow the steps.

  • Head to your profile page and click 'My Details' then 'Edit'

  • Just contact us here and we will notify you of the steps to take.


  • In 2023, the UAE, under the leadership of President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has declared the "Year of Sustainability" to amplify nationwide commitment to sustainable practices, honour the environmental legacy of its founder, the late Sheikh Zayed, and prepare for hosting COP28. Overseen by prominent Emirati figures, the year-long initiatives will encompass activities, events, and collaborations focusing on key sustainability challenges such as energy and climate change. Building on the UAE's longstanding role in environmental stewardship and sustainable development, the "Year of Sustainability" aims to engage individuals and institutions in collective actions, further solidifying the nation's position as a leader in the global sustainability movement.

  • Click here to head to the Year Of website.

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  • COP28 is the 28th annual Conference of Parties, a global summit hosted by the United Nations to address issues related to climate change. In 2023, the UAE has the honour of hosting this vital event, aiming to set new standards for global collaboration in tackling climate challenges.

  • Hosting COP28 carries particular importance for the UAE as it highlights the nation's commitment to climate action and sustainable development. It offers an opportunity to share the UAE's unique approaches to sustainability, while also learning from global best practices.

  • The conference will concentrate on an array of climate-related issues, including carbon emissions reduction, adaptation strategies, financial commitments, and technological solutions, among others. It aims to build on the accomplishments of previous meetings to forge a unified global path forward.

  • Click here to head to the COP28 website.

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  • Explore our collaborative partnerships here.

  • Partnerships are usually initiated through a formal process that aligns with the goals and initiatives of both naha and the prospective partner. A mutual commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability is essential for any collaboration.

  • Partners benefit from access to a vast network of environmental enthusiasts, professionals, and agencies. They also gain a platform to showcase their sustainability initiatives and can contribute to content and community-driven projects to amplify their impact.

  • Interested organisations can reach out through the contact section on naha's platform here. A member of our team will review the proposal and get in touch to discuss potential collaboration opportunities.

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