The Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi is the emirate's environmental regulator; committed to protecting and enhancing the quailty of the air, water, and biodiversity of Abu Dhabi's desert and marine ecosystems. 
EAD regulates and enforces Abu Dhabi's environmental laws to protect biodiversity and preserve the quality of life for a sustainable future.


A sustainable, well-protected and healthy environment that enhances quality of life.

OUR announcement MISSION

To protect the environment and promote sustainability, through innovative environmental management, and impact-oriented policies and regulations, in collaboration with our partners and the broader community

OUR initiatives VALUES

Our core values guide our mission and vision. We prioritise Partnership & Teamwork for great impact and uphold Excellence in our standards. Initiative with Innovation keeps us agile, while being Results-Oriented and Resilient helps us adapt and achieve. Ownership & Accountability anchor our actions and outcomes.


  • naha is a UAE-focused platform aiming to turn climate intention into climate action. It empowers its members with knowledge and resources, while also fostering a community that champions environmental sustainability, particularly in Abu Dhabi and the broader UAE context.

  • naha is unique in its deep-rooted focus on the UAE's specific environmental needs and challenges. While the platform takes a global perspective, it prioritises local knowledge, heritage, and community engagement. Beyond being an informational resource, naha serves as a dynamic hub for action and collaboration.

  • EAD is the driving force behind naha, overseeing its strategy, initiatives, and content. By leveraging its expertise and extensive network, EAD ensures that naha serves as a credible and effective platform for community engagement in environmental action.

  • By utilising 'my naha,' you can effectively contribute to climate action and conservation initiatives that resonate with you. Whether your focus is on waste management, wildlife preservation, or sustainable living, 'my naha' ensures each action you undertake aligns with broader, impactful objectives and helps you adapt your lifestyle to match.