Youth Climate Survey


The Youth Climate Survey, conducted by the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD) in 2022, is the UAE's most extensive youth-centric study on climate perceptions. Gathering insights from 4,210 participants across various emirates, the survey reveals that a substantial 74 % of young respondents feel that climate change directly affects their daily lives. This initiative emphasizes the importance of understanding and integrating the youth's perspective in the nation's sustainable decision-making.

Empowering Youth Perspectives

The Youth Climate Survey, by EAD, represents the largest study of youth attitudes on climate in the UAE. Collecting data from over 4,000 participants, the survey found that 74 % feel climate change impacts their daily lives, highlighting the need to include youth insights in sustainability policy.

Amplifying Youth Voices

The survey serves as a platform for young people to express their concerns and ideas on climate change. By amplifying the voices of the younger generation, the study aims to integrate their perspectives into the broader climate discourse, ensuring more inclusive and effective policies.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The extensive data collected through the Youth Climate Survey provides valuable input for the UAE's sustainability initiatives. By understanding the viewpoints of younger generations, the study contributes to data-driven policy and action plans, focusing on what matters most to the community's future leaders.