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Initiated in 2002, AGEDI was established under the guidance of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan to bolster environmental sustainability. Partnering with EAD and UNEP, it serves as a data hub to inform impactful policies, collaborating widely to advance both local and global sustainability efforts.

Pioneering Climate Resilience

The Local, National, Regional (LNR) Climate Change Programme examines sector-specific vulnerabilities to climate change, offering a nuanced understanding of where urgent action and adaptation are needed. This work underpins the UAE's strategy for environmental resilience.

Mapping Ecosystem Health

The Biodiversity Rapid Assessment project identifies at-risk ecosystems in the UAE and regionally. By spotlighting these vulnerable areas, the project sets the stage for targeted conservation measures, ensuring the ongoing vitality of local and regional biodiversity.

Data-Driven Sustainability

AGEDI customises environmental data to inform effective decision-making. By translating complex data into accessible formats, it helps guide policies rooted in accurate insights. AGEDI also fosters expertise and knowledge-sharing across local to international levels, enhancing sustainable futures.